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We can be contacted on the following radio channels 


Brisbane Region

UHF CB 5 & 35, 40 

27mhz 9 


Rockhampton Region

UHF CB 5 & 35, 40


SEQUEST is made up of volunteers with backgrounds in frontline emergency services, and amateur and commercial radio experience who provide home & mobile radio monitoring services on the CB & Marine radio networks and answer calls relating to emergencies and safety of life-related from members of the public and then relaying the information to the necessary agency/service that is required.

We currently have 3 home-based stations located in the communities of Goodna, Rockhampton, and Jimboomba. With our Goodna base being a licensed Limited Coast Marine Rescue station.

We also provide essential community information to the public before, during, and after following significant events that occur across South East Queensland on our Facebook & Twitter feeds

We also provide vital maritime safety services consisting of Marinetraffic AIS monitoring stations, and detailed trip logging services to ensure those who go out come home safely.

Our education services are provided by our volunteers who have skills & knowledge from various backgrounds from emergency & commercial and amateur radio knowledge and skills with the main aim of teaching correct procedures and skills.

SEQUEST is also a proud member of the Australian Radio Communications Industry Association (ARCIA) in Public Safety and volunteers are also recipients of the state government-awarded Emergency Volunteer Pin.

This website is proudly built by our volunteers

For a life-threatening emergency call 000

For flood or storm assistance call 132 500


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SEQUEST acknowledges and recognises Traditional Owners as custodians of the lands where we work together with the communities of Queensland. We pay our respects to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ancestors of these lands, their spirits and their legacy

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