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Our Role in Marine Radio
Where situations may occur include but are not limited to

• A situation where the master of a vessel believes the vessel is in a grave or imminent danger situation
• A vessel that has suffered hull damage and is in danger of sinking
• A vessel that is sinking, with its passengers and crew abandoning the ship
• A vessel that has suffered mechanical failure, or equipment damage, can no longer maintain a
desired course and is drifting or has become subject to the vagaries of wind and tide
• A vessel containing injured or sick persons
• A vessel where the person in command and responsible for safe navigation is injured, or
incapable, and no other person on board is able to bring the vessel back to safety
• A vessel that has run aground and cannot free itself
• An aircraft that has crashed or has had to make an emergency landing on the water
• A person or persons who have fallen overboard from a vessel
• A person or persons who have been or are in difficulties in the water
• A lost or overdue vessel or persons on water and reporting as such to the correct agency
• Assisting other emergency service agencies during disaster events as requested

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