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Brisbane & Bremer Rivers - Riverwatch 

Our Information 


At SEQUEST we conduct a listening watch on the following VHF marine channels for the lower section of the Brisbane River & Bremer River

Channel 16 Distress

Channel 67 Secondary Distress

Channel 13

 Which is used by vessels working on the Brisbane River upstream from Brett's Wharf ​

The best calling channel for contacting us is the following VHF marine channel

Channel 81 

(Mouth of the Brisbane River to Ipswich) 

Phone or SMS our Radiobase

To improve monitoring for Distress Calls add these Channels to your

Dual Watch or Tri Watch 

This is a feature generally found on your base or portable marine radios and is used to monitor VHF 16 and other channels of your choice simultaneously.

Brisbane River – Gazetted Speed Limits
The gazetted speed limits, over the ground, by legislation for the Brisbane River, are:

 From the Entrance Beacons to Luggage Point
13 knots (three-meter draft and over)
 Upstream of Luggage Point  
8 knots (three-meter draft and over)
From the public boat ramp at Kookaburra Park to Mount Crosby Weir
6 knots (all traffic)
Story Bridge to William Jolly Bridge
15 knots (eight-metre LOA and over)
All creeks and waterways flowing into the Brisbane River (except the Bremer River)
6 knots all traffic.
Temporary speed limits may be gazetted during harbour works, such as wharf and bridge construction.
Further information is available via
Brisbane VTS or Notice to Mariners
Commercial vessels should generally operate as close as practicable to the starboard side of the centre third of the navigable river unless it is unsafe. Masters are required to give position calls via VHF channels 12 and/or 13 on approach to sharp/blind bends and bridges, with additional calls when overtaking other vessels or in restricted visibility. Commercial vessels and recreational power craft operate in the centre third of the river however they do enter the outer thirds when docking and crossing the river. Commercial vessels and recreational power craft are required to maintain a proper lookout for all passive crafts when entering and exiting the outer thirds of the river.
Radio information for the Brisbane River 
A dual watch is recommended for the following areas 
In the area b
etween Point Cartwright at Mooloolaba and Brett's Wharf at Hamilton Reach VHF 16 & 12 as sometimes
Brisbane VTS or larger commercial vessels may call you and ask about your intentions. 
From Brett's Wharf Upstream, it is recommended that 
VHF 16 & 13 is monitored especially on approach to sharp/blind bends and bridges, with additional calls when overtaking other vessels or in restricted visibility, l
arger commercial vessels such as citycat ferries or charter boats may call you and ask for your intentions. 

Goodna Boat Ramp Webcam

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